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AirRefund’s mini website uses cookies which enables us to store user data whilst the user is browsing the website. By doing so, it helps us to better understand a user’s behavior and ultimately provide a better user experience.

What are cookies?

A cookie is a piece of data downloaded to a computer by a website containing details of the preferences of that computer’s user which identifies the user when revising the website. Cookies are secure and only store texts which remain confidential and often encrypted.

AirRefund’s mini website ensures that it does not store personal data when using cookies.

A certain amount of « internal » cookies are generated and used by AirRefund’s mini website and also any “third-party” cookies generated on the website by others.

There are two different types of cookies with different purposes: Temporary cookies which provide useful information within the same browsing session. When closing the browser, cookies are always deleted and no data is saved on a user’s computer. Persistent cookies which are used to store data that can be useful between browsing sessions. These cookies enable AirRefund to identify an individual as a frequent user of the mini website and the lifespan of these cookies can exceed (12) months.

Why are we using cookies?

Cookies are used on AirRefund’s mini website in order for us to store information relating to a user’s session when browsing on the website.

When using cookies web analytics, AirRefund is able to track a user’s interactions on its web pages which provides us with a better understanding of areas of development that can be implemented on the website and throughout our service.

AirRefund ensures that it does not share any data which is collected through cookies with any advertiser that would like to target a user with their product or service.

Deactivation and removal of cookies

A user’s browser settings enable them to limit or deactivate the usage of cookies. Steps are different on each browser, yet the guidelines are always available on the “help” menu of a browser.

Please note that deactivating the cookies will not prevent browsing on AirRefund’s website and will have no negative impact on a claim.

November 2015 Edition